ECHO Alberta

Chronic Pain Gains in Alberta: An ECHO Series – Curriculum

# DateSpeakerTopic
16-Apr-22Drake McCheyneTalking to Patients about Pain
220-Apr-22Arlene CoxMotivational Interview and Goal Setting
34-May-22Lori MontgomeryOpioids and Inherited Patients
418-May-22Werner Becker (TBD)Migraine: New Therapies
51-Jun-22PEER TeamAlberta Pain Guideline
615-Jun-22Jess Kirkwood (TBD)Signs of OUD and How to Manage Pts on Long-term use of Opioids
77-Sept-22Kelly ShinkarukInterventional Radiology for Pain
821-Sept-22Halie WorsfoldScreening for Psychosocial Issues
95-Oct-22Ted FindlayFibromyalgia
1019-Oct-22Peer TeamPain and Cannabis
112-Nov-22Lori MontgomeryPain Assessment for Busy Family Docs
1216-Nov-22Elenaina LopatinaModels of Care for Chronic Pain


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