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ECHO Ontario at University Health Network Curriculum

112-Jan-23The 5 Pillars of Chronic Pain 
219-Jan-23Clinical Interview and Qualitative Sensory Exam 
326-Jan-23Screening for Psychosocial and Psychiatric Comorbidities 
42-Feb-23 Patient Motivation and Goal Setting  
59-Feb-23  Aberrant Behaviours/Urine Drug Screening 
616-Feb-23 Sleep and Pain 
723-Feb-23 Family Day – No Session 
82-Mar-23 Back Pain & Spinal Stenosis Part 1 
99-Mar-23 Back Pain & Spinal Stenosis Part 2 
1016-Mar-23 Spring Break – No Session 
1123-Mar-23 Special Populations – Chronic Pain in Pregnancy 
1230-Mar-23 Exercise and Pain 
136-Apr-23Headaches (Migraines & Cervicogenic Pain) in Primary Care  
1413-Apr-23Easter – No Session 
1520-Apr-23Myofascial Pain and Arthritis 
174-May-23Pelvic Pain 
1811-May-23Self-Management and Mindfulness  
1918-May-23Manual Therapy 
2025-May-23 Victoria Day – No Session 
211-Jun-23Tapering and Stopping Opioids/Switching Opioids 
228-June-23Patient Education 
2315-Jun-23Putting it all together: Creating a Comprehensive Plan 

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Project ECHO: St. Joseph’s Care Group – Chronic Pain and Opioid Stewardship Curriculum

#DateTopicSpeaker(s)Learning Objectives
ABCs of Assessment & Management of Chronic Pain
105-Apr-23The Approach to “Everything Hurts”Stephanie Frisch, NPOrganize patient concerns to better prioritize care
212-Apr-23Pharmacological Pain ManagementJana McNulty, RPhDescribe the appropriate use of evidence based chronic pain medications
319-Apr-23Pain That Constantly FluctuatesStephanie Frisch, NP & Jana McNulty, RPhEmploy appropriate pharmacological & non-pharmacological tools to manage fluctuating pain Psychological family support Pharmacotherapy, pain ladder Vs first line pain medications (baseline down), acetaminophen/n-saids/etc., (rescue puffer)
426-Apr-23Acceptance & Commitment TherapyHannah Marchand, C.PsychProvide patients with a framework to utilize acceptance and commitment therapy to cope with a diagnosis of chronic pain How to cope with CP/new normal Patient not just pain in the butt, can get discouraged & where do you go?
Chronic Pain Care in Rural & Remote Communities (Becoming the Chronic Pain Allied Health Specialist)
510-May-23Approach To Pain on the FrontlinesDan James, MDDevelop an approach to an efficient yet comprehensive pain assessment & management in low resourced areas
617-May-23How to be Your Patients’ PhysiotherapistMelissa Harvey, PTProvide patients with guidance and tools regarding the use of physiotherapy in the management of chronic pain
724-May-23How to be Your Patients’ Occupational TherapistJen Cano, OTDevelop an understanding of the use of assistive devices and the role occupational therapy has in the management of chronic pain
831-May-23Non-Insured Health Benefit System NavigationSue Ward, SWNavigate non-insured health benefits in Ontario
907-Jun-23When it’s Time to Call a Friend: How to Access Specialist CareDan James, MD  Explore the role for e-consult and traveling for specialist assessment and care in the management of chronic pain
Top Chronic Pain Presentations
1021-Jun-23Approach to Lumbar Facet PainDan James, MDUse a multidisciplinary approach to diagnose & manage lumbar facet pain CEP Core Tool as page of talk
1128-Jun-23Diagnostic Approach to Common Presentations of Pelvic PainInnie Chen, MDDevelop a diagnostic approach to common presentations of pelvic pain Cramps, endometriosis, hernia, fibroids, scar tissue
125-Jul-23This Talk is a Pain in the NeckJen McDonald, MDTBD Desk jobs, ergonomics
1312-Jul-23Osteoarthritis: Movement is MedicineTBDManage osteoarthritis pain using physical modalities? Diagnoses scope of practice? Everyday care, self-management
Headache, Migraine, & Concussion
1416-Aug-23Headache DiagnosesTBDTBD
1523-Aug-23Managing Post Concussion HeadacheSheri Wark, MDPain First & Rehab
1630-Aug-23Acute & Preventative Treatment of MigraineDan James, MDTBD
1706-Sept-23Tension HeadacheTBDTBD
Neuropathic Pain
1827-Sept-23Post-Stroke PainTBDTBD
194-Oct-23Diabetic PainTBDTBD
2011-Oct-23Peripheral & Central SensitizationTBDTBD
Chronic Pain in Long Term Care & Aging
Mental Health & Chronic Pain
2710-Jan-24Pain Management for Anxiety & Depression TBD TBD
2817-Jan-24Adverse Childhood Experiences & Pain TBD TBD
2924-Jan-24Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Pain TBD TBD
3031-Jan-24 TBD TBD TBD
3107-Feb-24 TBD TBD TBD
Substance Use & Pain
3221-Feb-24Pain & Alcohol UsageTBDMedications to avoid TBD
3328-Feb-24Managing Pain in Patients with OUDTBDTBD
346-Mar-24Pain & CannabisTBDTBD
3513-Mar-24Stimulant UseTBDTBD
3620-Mar-24Polysubstance Abuse & Other SubstancesTBDKetamine/hallucinogens (psilocybin/peyote/kratom/ayahuasca)
Chronic Pain for Residents (Evening)
3702-May-24Documenting Doesn’t Have to Be PainfulVirginia McEwan, BScN, BBA, MD, CCFPComprehensively document the assessment, plan, goals, and make the treatment plan appropriately accessible (e.g., to the patient, team members, emergency department, on-call doctors, pharmacy), prescription details
3813-Jun-24Taking over the care of a patient with chronic painVirginia McEwan, BScN, BBA, MD, CCFPEstablish an effective relationship, verify the diagnosis, & clarify goals of treatment and plans for management
397-Nov-24Benefits & Pitfalls of Treatment ContractsVirginia McEwan, BScN, BBA, MD, CCFPDiscuss the benefits and pitfalls to using a treatment contract Navigate and apply the use of a treatment contract in their practise
4013-Feb-24Patient With Chronic Pain DestabilizesVirginia McEwan, BScN, BBA, MD, CCFPIdentify the etiology & contributing factors to adapt your management plan in a patient with chronic pain & addiction who presents with a destabilization of behaviour

ECHO North: Indigenous Chronic Pain & Substance Use Pilot (SJCG)

# DateTopicSpeaker(s)Learning Objectives
117-Jan-22Understanding Trauma Though an Indigenous Lens & Historical Context Part 1Marinna Read, MSW, RSW & Valerie Shawinimash, HBSW, RSWDescribe how intergenerational trauma/colonization impacts Indigenous people   Explain how trauma experienced by Indigenous People is a precursor to chronic pain
224-Jan -22Understanding Trauma Though an Indigenous Lens & Historical Context Part 2Marinna Read, MSW, RSW & Valerie Shawinimash, HBSW, RSWDescribe how intergenerational trauma/colonization impacts Indigenous people   Explain how trauma experienced by Indigenous People is a precursor to chronic pain
331-Jan -22Systemic Racism, Cultural Safety, & PainMarinna Read, MSW, RSW / Paul Francis, MSWDiscuss key concepts of systemic racism ingrained within the healthcare system
Identify strategies for delivering culturally safe care to eliminate health inequalities among Indigenous people
White fragility
407-Feb -22How Psychological Pain Manifests as Physical PainElaine Toombs, Ph.D., C.PsychDiscuss the correlation between psychological & physical pain   Identify preventative and interventional strategies for the treatment of psychological pain  
514-Feb -22Conducting an Assessment for Chronic Pain & Substance UseVirginia McEwen, BScN, BBA, MD, CCFPIdentify challenges & barriers in completing holistic chronic pain assessments in indigenous patients
Employ strategies applicable to practice to save time, & improve assessment, diagnosis, & management
621-Feb -22Pharmacological Pain ManagementVirginia McEwen, BScN, BBA, MD, CCFPIdentify common pain management medications & their advantages/disadvantages
Discuss the proper/safe use of pain management medications & red flags for their misuse
728-Feb -22Navigating the NIHB SystemTasha Toulouse / Jennifer Shisheesh, NIHB NavigatorsIdentify & access resources available through NIHB
807-Mar -22Utilizing Traditional Approaches in Chronic Pain & Substance Use Management Part 1  Teresa Trudeau-Magiskan, Elder & Cultural Health Assoc.Identify and explain Indigenous traditional approaches to wholistic healing
914-Mar -22Utilizing Traditional Approaches in Chronic Pain & Substance Use Management Part 2Teresa Trudeau-Magiskan, Elder & Cultural Health Assoc.Identify and explain Indigenous traditional approaches to wholistic healing
1021-Mar -22Hot Topics & Burning QuestionsRound Table DiscussionDiscuss the practical application of the topics addressed in this series.

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SickKids Paediatric Project ECHO Curriculum

19-Sept-2022Overview of Pain & How to Explain Pain
216-Sept-2022Overview of Physical Pain Assessment
323-Sept-2022Cultural Safety and Pain Management
430-Sept-2022Psychosocial Pain Assessment
514-Oct-2022Physical Approaches to Pain Treatment
621-Oct-2022Child Life Interventions
728-Oct-2022Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
84-Nov-2022Intensive Pain Treatment Programs
98-Nov-2022Pain and Complex Care
1016-Nov-2022Pain at the End of Life
1125-Nov-2022Pelvic Pain
139-Dec-2022Procedural Pain
1416-Dec-2022Neonatal Pain
1513-Jan-2023Depression & Anxiety in Paediatric Pain Management
1620-Jan-2023Transition From Acute to Chronic Pain
1727-Jan-2023Signs of Opioid Use Disorder
183-Feb-2023Abdominal Pain
1910-Feb-2023Pelvic Pain
2024-Feb-2023How to Optimize Clinician/Patient Communication During Virtual Visits
213-Mar-2023The Development & Implementation of the Power Over Pain Portal for Youth with Chronic Pain
2324-Mar-2023Adolescent Considerations including Transition from Paediatrics to Adulthood
2431-Mar-2023Patient Partner Panel

SickKids Paediatric Project ECHO Website

SickKids Paediatric Project ECHO: Opioids and Substance Use in the Management of Pain in Children and Youth Curriculum

114-Apr-23Dr. Fiona CampbellOpioids in Paediatric Pain Management
221-Apr-23Ashley Harvey, Jacqueline HanleyAcute Pain Management
328-Apr-23Dr. Marco BattagliaChronic Pain, Substance Use and Mental Health
45-May-23Deepa KattailCannabis
512-May-23Dr. Genevieve D’SouzaMethadone
626-May-23Jennifer Tyrrell, Dr. Lisa IsaacTransition from Acute to Chronic Pain
 72-Jun-23Dr. Karen LeslieScreening for Risks for Development of Substance Use Disorder
89-Jun-23Dr. Karen LeslieSubstance Use Disorder (Signs & Treatment)
916-Jun-23Jennifer Keis, Sheila GandhiCancer pain
1023-Jun-23Dr. Kathryn DeKovenSickle Cell Pain

SickKids Paediatric Project ECHO: Opioids and Substance Use in the Management of Pain in Children and Youth – Website

Project ECHO Pain in Pregnancy – Curriculum

121-Sept-23Preconception counselling
228-Sept-23Pharmacotherapy during pregnancy/breastfeeding
412-Oct-23Opioid therapy during pregnancy/breastfeeding
519-Oct-23Nonpharmacological pain management
626-Oct-23Musculoskeletal complications of pregnancy
72-Nov-23Headache management during pregnancy
89-Nov-23Labour and delivery/postpartum pain management considerations

Project ECHO Pain in Pregnancy – Website

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